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Thursday, June 21, 2018


It has been reported that Charleston, SC., the city where half of all slaves first set foot on American soil has apologized for its part in slavery.  The uprising of a nation to its detriment and part of a racial epidemic is at hand.  The forces of evil are still active and present in our nation.  Is the apology to late?  Can race relations be healed?  What good can come out of it?  The answer to each question lies in each individual and their ability to forgive.  For many in this religious society that we find ourselves in, would rather  continue to hate, yet the bible say we must forgive others and their trespasses that our heavenly father may forgive us.  We often forget the parts of the bible that holds each us accountable to our own actions.   The racist spirit is indeed grounded in the heart of this nation.  It still exist.  We must overcome evil with good.  We must root out every evil spirit until it divides us no more.   Slavery existed in the bible; yet we fail to see this.  Evil is present everywhere but thanks be unto God that we are no longer bound in the natural or our spirit.  But we must choose better as a nation of people.  We must choose love in the midst of hate.  How can we overcome evil?  We overcome evil with Love!  Dare to choose love today, even when evil rears its ugly head.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Prayer

Father God in the name of Jesus,  I pray over my blog right now and father I ask you that for every person that reads any post, father that you would grab hold of and overcome them by your Holy Spirit.  Father I ask that you bring them inner peace and give the reader a resolve for whatever situation they may be facing in the mighty name of Jesus.  These and other blessings I pray right now in Jesus the Christ, son of the only true and living God's name.   Amen

Wait on the Lord

Wait upon the Lord and be of good courage
and God shall strengthen your heart.  Wait I say, on the Lord.  You shall mount of with wings like an eagle.  You shall run and not get weary.  You shall walk and not faint.  Wait, I say upon the Lord! Ps 27:14, Isa 40:31