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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Lord is the Lifter of Your head!!!

Are you feeling down and depressed?  Is your situation talking to you and very loudly?  Is your situation whispering fear in your ear, telling you God is not with you, you will not make it?  Is your situation making you doubt God even just a little bit? 

I'm hear to tell someone today that God has your best interest in mind. God is with  you and
God will never leave you nor forsake.  Scripture records (para) that God  is near as such as be a broken heart and saves the meet in spirit! (Ps 34:18) It is through your brokenness that you are nearer to God and (he) God is able to show himself as the ultimate miracle worker in your life.  Start speaking back to your situation and declaring the word of God. Tell your situation, above all, God is able!  God is able! He will never leave you nor forsake!  He is the lifter of your head! (Ps 3:3) Be lifted up in Christ today!  Stop walking in doubt and unbelief and declare what God has spoken to you over your life and your situation.  You shall live and not die! By his stripes you are healed! He is your provider, your shield, your high tower, your strong tower!  A very present help in times of trouble!

Be Blessed  Today Knowing God is a present help in times of trouble and a present help indeed!!!!

 I pray that the blessing of God overtake you on today and that he gives you peace for your weary soul! In Jesus name I pray.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

It delights my soul to see people hungry for more of God. Father just as the deer that panteth for water by the water brook, Lord my soul pants for more of you. Ps 42:1 Father, you are an overflowing fountain of life. You are a well that never runs dry. Father it is you alone whom is able to quench my every thirst. Father help me to wait on you, to know your voice, hear your voice and to listen. Father sync my heart with your heartbeat that my heart, will forever beat after yours. Father quench my thirst for you as I enter into your presence and worship you. Father draw me unto you, draw me all the more that I may forever be in and near your presence. Lord let me walk upright before thee that I may please you. Father just as Esther saved a nation because of her obedience, let me be obedient to you for your word says, obedience is better than sacrifice. Father poor out your spirit upon me; that as I lay down my life, others will be saved. Let the evil of this world forever be broken and banished back to the pit of Hell! Father may your kingdom be lifted in the earth rim and may your kingdom rule forever and ever. My brothers and sisters in Christ keep the faith. Reference scriptures KJV Isa 58:11, 55:1 JN 4:14, 6:35 7:37 Joel 2:28 Acts 2:17 1 Sam 15:22

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Check yourself!

Many times in this walk with Christ we as Christians forget that we are not perfect yet we are so worried about cleaning the speck out of our brothers and sisters eye that we often forget to make sure that our walk is upright. It is so easy to get entangled with the lives of others that we actually miss what God is trying to do in our very own lives. If we would stop concerning ourselves with what other people are doing maybe, we can see that our robe, which should be white, is spotted with specks of dirt all over. Instead of praying about our brother and sister in Christ we began to talk about them, back bite and put our own spin on the matter when we should take the matter to God and leave it there. Who are you to say what is right or wrong in another’s walk with Christ. If they are veering to the left, pray for them and talk to them. We get in trouble with God and make the situation worse when we open our mouth and begin to add our own twist to the matter. At the end of the day, we would have spread a whole bunch of lies and caused a lot of rumors to be spread. Is that what God has called us as body of believers to do? Be contenders for the kingdom of God, stop destroying the kingdom. People of God we have got to get this thing right. We have got to put our own selfish agendas aside and really live a life poured out. When was the last time that you helped someone give their life to Christ? Instead we are making those that need and want Christ run from him. Do a shelf check today. Stop checking everyone else and check yourself. What’s the condition of your walk with Christ? Reference scripture KJV Luke 6:42 Matt 7:3-4